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The Spitfire Fund

The Spitfire Fund was a very successful crowdfunding project in the Second World War. Picture this. It was Britain, 1940 and the Nazis were threatening to invade. The British had a wonderful plane called the Spitfire but they didn’t have enough of them. Lord Beaverbrook was the Minister of Aircraft Construction. He had the idea […]


We’ve been doing some research into the Second World War. We were surprised to find that not everyone used the shelters at their home or street during the Blitz. Some people ‘trekked’ to nearby fields and spent the night there to avoid the bombing. Then they returned in the morning to go to work or […]

New Books Ahoy!

  Ahoy there, shipmates! We have four new books out. Hookwell’s School for Proper Pirates is part of a new reading scheme from Rising Stars. Can you imagine being an ordinary kid and suddenly finding yourself in a school that’s just for the children of pirates? That’s okay if your parents happen to be pirates […]

Fun with Fiction Express

  We are having a great time writing a new story for Fiction Express. Fiction Express is an online Reading platform where our readers can help decide which way the story goes. It’s frantic, it’s pressured and most of all it’s fun. We write one chapter a week which goes live on Fridays. At the […]

Publication Day!

We’re delighted that our latest books are out today. They are two reading scheme books for Collins Big Cat. ‘Our Fantastic World’ is non-fiction and we had great fun finding out about phenomena like thundersnow and fogbows before. We hope we never come across ball lightning! ‘The Thing in the Deep’ is a mystery story. […]


One of the best things about writing stories is that you can go anywhere in your imagination – even during lockdown. You might not be able to go on holiday yet, but you can have an adventure without even leaving your house. All you need is a pen and paper. Here’s an idea. Imagine you’re […]

Lockdown World Book Day

It was a World Book Day with a difference but we had great fun meeting you all. Not only have we been on pirate treasure hunts and chatted to lots of classes online but we’ve also read stories to audiences that included at least one dad and a couple of dogs. The dogs were very […]

Lockdown Storytelling

Want to tell a story but you’re running out of ideas? Why not take a traditional tale and tell it or write it in your way? We love doing this. Our story Tom, Dad and Colin is based on an old fable, The Man, the Boy and the Donkey. We wrote it for a reading scheme at […]

Happy New Year! Happy New Website!

Welcome to our new website. We’re delighted to see you back again. 2020 was a very strange year for us all. We hope you’ve all stayed safe and well. One of the good things was that we’ve all been reading more. Books are a wonderful way to escape. Only last week Jan went back over […]