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Click here to listen to part of Skeleton Island read on BBC Teach by Anjli Mohindra and find out why she loves the book and why she loves to read.


Have a look at our Spy Master series. We loved going back in time to the Tudors when we were writing these stories. Jack Briars is an orphan who finds himself working as a clerk at the court of King Henry VIII. It’s a boring job, but not for long. Things are about to get exciting . . . and very dangerous!

“. . . this book would make an excellent class read when studying the Tudors.”

“Once you have opened the first page, you can’t let go until you have finished.”

“I read this book really quickly because it was so interesting and I couldn’t get my head out of it.”

“A gripping historical thriller”

“The pace is swift, the action intense and the ending delights.” 

“This is a very engaging historical read for primary students – I loved it. Jack is a cheeky and courageous character and the setting is fabulous.”

“This is the first in a fantastic new series that we guarantee will get even the most reluctant reader reading!” 

“. . . buckle your swashes, shiver your timbers and go out and get your hands on these first two adventures.”