Summer Challenge!

This year we’ve had a very happy and busy time writing stories for reading schemes – 15 in total. One of these was for Fiction Express which is an incredible online reading scheme and reaches readers worldwide. Our story is called Flying Solo and it’s about the amazing Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ninety years ago. We imagined what it would be like if someone had gone back in time and met her. Each week we wrote a chapter with three possible choices for how the story could continue and our readers voted for their favourite.

Here’s a challenge for you for the school holidays. Write the first chapter of a story of your own and finish it on a cliff-hanger. Write down three possible things that could happen next and get your friends and family to vote. Then write the next chapter using the winning choice. Watch out as the fun begins! And remember, your story might go in an unexpected direction.

Here’s an example from Flying Solo. Amelia has gone up on a test flight and taken our hero, Grace with her. This is what happens next.

We were already high above the nearby fields. Amelia was enjoying herself, whistling as she made the plane circle over the trees below.

Then she stopped whistling. “Something’s wrong,” she cried.

What happens to the plane?

It runs out of fuel
It starts to dive
Flames can be seen coming from the engine

So get writing and most of all, have fun.