Back To School!

We hope you had a lovely school holiday and are looking forward to going back to school. Did you do the Summer Reading Challenge? If you did, congratulations. We hope you also enjoyed some real sports and games. We read lots of books over the summer and travelled the world in our imaginations. Our reading took us to America, Edinburgh and Stonehenge and we were also swept off to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and back in time to 1920. Our favourite read was Into the Sideways World by Ross Welford. It’s a great read for 10 plus.
During the holidays we met someone who’d read our Collins Big Cat story, Dreena’s Hair. They told us about how a group of schoolfriends had all shaved their heads when one of them lost their hair because they were ill. In Dreena’s Hair, Dreena has also lost her hair. Her sister, Scarlet, donates her own hair to a charity that make wigs for children. Imagine Sara’s surprise when she discovered her daughter-in-law does just this every four years and sends the hair to the Little Princess Trust.
Have fun this term and keep reading!