Publication Day!

We’re delighted that our latest books are out today. They are two reading scheme books for Collins Big Cat. ‘Our Fantastic World’ is non-fiction and we had great fun finding out about phenomena like thundersnow and fogbows before. We hope we never come across ball lightning!

‘The Thing in the Deep’ is a mystery story. What is swimming beneath the weeds in the park pond?

We love writing books for reading schemes. It’s like doing a puzzle. We are asked to use certain sounds for the reader to practise. For ‘The Thing in the Deep’ we had to use -ng- as in thing, -ai- as in afraid and -ee- as in deep. When we thought about the words we could use, the idea of a thing waiting in the weeds seemed perfect.

Here’s the list we made to help us.

NG – Hang song wing long thing swing sting sing

AI – Afraid again chain faint tail trail wail wait

EE – Teeth creep deep green weed reed see sweep

What sort of story would you make with these words? Have a go!