Fun with Fiction Express

We are having a great time writing a new story for Fiction Express. Fiction Express is an online reading platform where our readers can help decide which way the story goes. It’s frantic, it’s pressured and most of all it’s fun.

We write one chapter a week which goes live on Fridays. At the end of each chapter we give three choices for how the story can continue.

For example, in The Great Space Race, based on the 1969 Moon Landing, there are problems aboard Apollo 11.

What happens when the lunar zapper is fired?

– It shrinks Neil Armstrong

– It shrinks one of Crackon’s boots

– It’s on the ‘grow’ setting and hits Mag.

Then we sit and wait. At three o’clock on Tuesday we find out the result of the vote . . . and have one day to write the next chapter.

There is also a forum where readers can get involved. We love to hear their ideas. And we get ideas from readers all over the world.