The Great Space Race

Writing for the reading scheme FICTION EXPRESS is a completely different experience for us and very enjoyable. It’s used by schools all over the world. Authors write a chapter each week with three possible endings. The readers vote and choose which way the story is going to go. It’s great fun as we never know how the story’s going to turn out! We’ve written nine stories so far. The Great Space Race was for the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

It’s 16th July 1969. On Earth, three human astronauts prepare to blast off to the Moon. They will be the first people to ever step on to it, and the whole world is watching. Squillions of miles away on planet Zarg, King Crackon is determined to reach the Moon before any dirty human footprints ruin it. He wants the Moon for his museum. Who will reach it first? And can King Crackon’s plan to steal the Moon come unstuck? 

We were delighted to win an award for this story.

What our readers said . . .

I loved the book! It is amazing to read because you never knew what was going to happen. I loved the suspense and the effort it seemed it was written with. The ending was so unpredictable.

A reader in Spain

I like it when you create suspense in this book and how you try to put some imagination so you can boost other readers’ creativity and be inspired by your books.

A reader in England