ISBN-10 : 1444005844

ISBN-13 : 978-1444005844

Skeleton Island

How to become an Undercover Pirate…

  1. Have a pirate captain as your ancient ancestor
  2. Find a message in a bottle and a magic gold doubloon
  3. Get whisked back in time to join a pirate crew
  4. When you get home DON’T TELL ANYONE. Remember – you’re undercover!

Sam Silver lives near the sea and enjoys beach-combing for pirate treasures. When he finds an ancient message in a bottle he thinks it will make a great new relic for his collection, but the bottle holds a very special secret…

Inside is a gold doubloon which whisks Sam back in time to 1706. Suddenly he’s on board a pirate ship – the Sea Wolf – surrounded by her fearsome captain and crew and sailing the Caribbean Sea. If Sam can’t think of a very good reason why they should keep him alive, he’ll be forced to walk the plank!

Listen to an extract here read by Anjli Mohindra on BBC Teach and find out why she loves the book and why she loves to read.

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“My 6yr old daughter loves these books. When we first discovered Sam Silver we kept losing our little girl only find her quietly reading in her room! She would run downstairs to update us on Sam Silver’s latest movements and then disappear again! No higher praise.” (AMAZON)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“This is the first in a fantastic new series that we guarantee will get even the most reluctant reader reading!” (LOVE READING FOR KIDS)

“. . . buckle your swashes, shiver your timbers and go out and get your hands on these first two adventures.” (The Book Zone)

My son has refused to read any books until now (at age 7 I was getting concerned) now he has just read all 10 Sam Silver books back to back, every morning, school breaks and bedtime –  it’s always just one more page please.

(A very happy dad)

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