Wild Rescue

"Wow!" gasped Ben. "A secret organisation - and Uncle Stephen wants us to join. We'd better get packed."


This series for primary school kids mixes a number of intriguing elements to make it a success. High adventure, suspense, likeable characters, environmental issues, mystery and fast pace all work together to make this a page-turner for both boys and girls. Complete with black and white illustrations, each book has twins Ben and Zoe on a new rescue mission. Are they up to the challenges?   kids-bookreview.com

'Poacher Peril' is perfect for animal lovers and will teach you a lot about endangered wildlife. I recommend it to anyone aged between 7 and 10 1/2.  The Guardian – childrens books

Poacher Peril

Twins Ben and Zoe receive a mysterious message. Could it really be from Dr Stephen Fisher, the famous zoologist who has been missing for years? Dr Fisher needs their help. Will they join Wild, the secret organisation he set up to save animals in danger? And are they ready for their first mission - to rescue a tiger and her cubs from an evil gang of poachers? You bet!

Earthquake Escape

Ben and Zoe are in deepest China in search of baby panda, Jing Jing, who has escaped from a panda sanctuary following an earthquake. The panda is in danger of starving to death but this isn't the only worry - there's a hungry leopard on the prowl, and it's not just after Jing Jing.

Forest Fire

Ben and Zoe's mission takes them to a reservation in the remotest jungles of Borneo, where ruthless loggers have frightened a young orang-utan away from his safe home. But it's not just the young orang-utan who's in danger. Someone has their eye of the reservation's precious rainforest land and it seems they'll stop at nothing to get it.

Polar Meltdown

Ben and Zoe are off to the Arctic. A mother polar bear has been shot dead and her orphaned cubs are somewhere in the icy wilderness. If Ben and Zoe don't get to them soon, the cubs won't stand a chance. But the young polar bears could be anywhere and there's a vicious storm brewing.

Safari Survival

Ben and Zoe are at a game reserve in Kenya's vast savannah, where some tourists are paying big money to illegally hunt elephants for 'sport'. The latest visitor has his sights set on a baby elephant and its mother. The race is on for Ben and Zoe to reach the vulnerable elephants, but will they get there in time?

Ocean S.O.S.

Ben and Zoe are off to the Caribbean, following reports that an unscrupulous marine park has dumped a young dolphin into the ocean. Because the dolphin was born in captivity, he is unprepared for life in the open sea. It's up to Ben and Zoe to guide the defenceless dolphin to safety, before he finds himself in dangerous waters.

Avalanche Alert

The children's skills are put to the test when they are sent to the mighty Himalayas, where a snow leopard and her cub have been cut off from their territory by an avalanche. Meanwhile the snow leopard's other two cubs have been left to fend for themselves. Can Ben and Zoe survive the sub-zero temperatures and dangerous terrain, and lead the mother and her cub home to her family?

Desert Danger

Ben and Zoe travel to the Kalahari Desert, where a lion cub has fallen down a well, and it's up to the children to rescue it. With some cool new gadgets, including a wind and solar-powered dune buggy, they set off. But with the thirst-beating heat and deadly creatures at every turn, as well as a powerful sandstorm to contend with, will they manage to rescue the cub and return it to its pride before it's too late?

Poacher Peril - Audiobook

Zoe and Ben's first Wild adventure on audiobook

Earthquake Escape - Audiobook
Forest Fire- Audiobook