School Visits

We love visiting schools and meeting our readers. For distant and foreign schools we offer short Skype sessions. We also give talks about our work to adult groups.

If you would like to enquire about booking us, please visit Contactanauthor or Virtual Authors UK

'Thank you so much. The children loved it!' Year 3 Vernon Primary School Skype session

'Thank you so much for today! The children loved chatting to you & they now desperately want to know what happens next with Sam Silver & the sea monster!'  Year 2 class in Tamworth, Skype session

'Thank you so much. The children really enjoyed it and have truly been inspired.' William Stockton Year 6 Skype session

'Massive thanks to @burchettvogler for being so interesting & funny this afternoon - I think you have won even more fans today.' #Marlow Library

"Thank you so much authors Sara and Jan, it was lovely to speak to you and for inspiring my son to never give up on making his own book. so thank you very much."




Skype session with Birchwood Primary School
Friday 29 March 2019

A lovely session with Mrs Clarke and year 2, talking about Sam Silver and the Sea Monster. The children had some very interesting questions! 

Duncombe Primary School
Friday 29 March 2019

What a wonderful author visit for World Book Day. An Inspiring school. We felt we were part of a big family. Really impressed with the writing that came out of the workshops!

World Book Day
Friday 29 March 2019


We had a fabulous pirate World Book Day at St John's Prep School!




Summer Reading Challenge at Marlow Library, Buckinghamshire
Wednesday 29 August 2018

A wonderful afternoon at Marlow Library, Buckinghamshire. Delighted to be part of the Summer Reading Challenge. Pirate fun and games.