The Tigers

fbtThis was our first ever series. The wonderful illustrations are by Guy Parker Rees. Billy Bright and his friends are members of The Tigers FC. They're a great team but their coach, Billy's dad, is a bit accident prone and can't always be there to coach them. Step up Springer Spannell, who used to be a famous goalkeeper. He's a great substitute coach but there are two problems. He's a ghost - and only Billy can see him.







"The man seemed a bit wobbly round the edges. Billy rubbed his eyes. The man was wobbly round the edges! And Billy could see right through him. The man was . . . a ghost!"



Ghost Goalie

The Tigers football team are full of confidence about their match against Rockfield Rangers. But their coach gets chickpox just before they are due to play! The Tigers are desperate. How can they win without him? Perhaps they can, with a very special bit of ghostly help...

Save the Pitch

It's the crucial last game of the season and the Tigers football team must win to go to the top of the League. But the pitch has been invaded by workmen laying new pipes, and it looks like the game will be called off. Can the Tigers get help - fast?

The Terrible Trainer

The Tigers football team have a substitute coach but he's mean and he shouts a lot. He makes the Tigers feel awful. How can they get rid of Mr Bawl and have their friendly ghost coach who always wants them to win.

The Cup Final

The Tigers football team have to win this last game to win the Cup! But disaster strikes when their coach's head gets stuck in some railings just before kick off and their opponents, the Nutters, are up to no good with their dirty tricks on the field. What can the Tigers do to save the match?

Ghost Striker

The Tigers are facing a difficult away match against a tough team. But of course they've got the special help of their ghost goalie... or have they? Things look bad when an old opponent arrives - intent on revenge!

Tigers on Television

The Tigers football team have a nail-biting match to play, and a TV crew has come to film them in action. They are going to appear on their favourite kids' show! But the TV cameras have a terrible effect on the team's ghost trainer and he can't coach them properly! What can the Tigers do?