Spy Master


Jack Briars, twelve-year old foundling, works at the court of King Henry VIII as a scribe. At least that's what most people think. Very few know that he is in fact a spy for Thomas Cromwell, King Henry's Spymaster. And that is a dangerous job.



This is a very engaging historical read for primary students - I loved it. Jack is a cheeky and courageous character and the setting is fabulous - Goodreads



Traitors Game

Jack Briars, apprentice to King Henry VIII's spy master Thomas Cromwell, is enjoying his new life of excitement and adventure. But the king's enemies are becoming ever more resourceful. The seemingly simple mystery of a few missing items soon leads to something much more sinister - and Jack finds himself at the heart of a deadly plot. He and resourceful seamstress, Cat Thimblebee, must crack the code and save the King.

First Blood - Spy Master

When Jack Briars becomes an apprentice to King Henry VIII's spy master, he is disappointed to be given the boring duties of a clerk. But the king's enemies are everywhere. Soon Jack is facing more adventure and intrigue than he bargained for. If he wants to stay alive and in favour, he will need to learn the arts of stealth, disguise and deception - and fast!

Deadly Storm and Fatal Voyage

Two adventures in one book. Deadly Storm - the King is forced by a storm to seek shelter in a castle. Death stalks the castle - but is it the plague or something more sinister? Jack and Cat must solve the mystery before the King becomes the next target. Fatal Voyage - King Henry is excited about his new ship and can't wait to enjoy the maiden voyage but someone intends a different fate for him. Can Jack and Cat save the day - and the King?

Silent Enemy and the Walk of Death

Out in January 2018