Pets from Space


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Things will never be the same again for Max and his friends after a spaceship lands in his garden pond. The Satniks have come from Saturn on a fact finding mission. But they need to keep secret. So they disguise themselves as Earth pets. Here is Fizz cunningly disguised as a dog!

The amazing illustrations are by Alex Paterson.

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Splash Landing!

A flying saucer splash lands in Tom Bright's garden pond and out comes a very strange alien. FIzz is a Satnik on Saturn and has come to study Earthlings. Tom and Fizz become friends. Fizz must stay a secret so he pretends to be a pet dog. But will he be able to maintain his disguise?

Cosmic Claws

Tom, Zack and Daisy Tom, Zack and Daisy take the Pets from Space to a wildlife park. What will happen when they meet the lion? Will they be friends or will they be LUNCH?

Monkey Madness

Fizz, Toppo, Zingle and Gronk go on a crazy supermarket shopping trip and a walk on the wild side at Monkey Magic Adventure Park.
But can friends Tom, Zack and Daisy keep the pets from space out of trouble when one of them is spotted monkeying around? Will the day be cosmic or will everyone go bananas?

Rocket Ride

The super Satniks take friends Tom, Zack and Daisy on a museum misson and test their out-of-this-world skills at the school pet show - but will their tricks put them top of the class? They may be naughty, but the best pets are always the PETS FROM SPACE!