More Reading Schemes

When I grow up

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Rigby Star Independent Year 1 Blue Fiction

Tap Tap

Make instruments with tins, pans and pins in this non-fiction instruction book.

Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds – Tap Tap: Band 1A/Pink A


Sid's got a camcorder. He goes out in the garden at night to take some film. But nothing seems as it should...

Rigby Star phonics: phase 3 set 10

The Nutcracker

Uncle Fergus gives Clara a nutcracker. He says it is magic but Clara doesn't believe him. Then later that night, strange things start to happen. Based on the story of the Nutcracker ballet.

Rigby Star Independent Year 2 Purple Fiction

Lessons from Lester

Lester has everything a cat could want. But he is still not happy. His family cannot catch mice! So Lester plans a few lessons for his humans.

Rigby Star Independent Year 2 Purple Fiction

Flea Treat

The fleas have lived on Scrap the dog for a long time. One day they find out they are going to get a treat. What will it be?

Rigby Star Independent Year 2 White Fiction

Monster Shock

Sam and Emma are having a great holiday until Jason arrives. Then everyone is in for a monster shock!


Ginn Pocket Chillers Year 2

Cindy and the football boots

Upcoming trials for a new football team have caused quite a stir in Cindy's household. Cindy is desperate to take part, but her stepbrothers are determined to stop her. Based on the story of Cinderella.

Ginn Lighthouse Lime Year 2


No one in Wincey Village knows that their weedy superhero, Feebleman, is really Rick Champion - top goal scorer for the school football team . Will Rick be able to keep his embarrassing secret identity hidden?

Ginn Pocket Tales Year 3

The Proper Princess Test

Everyone knows that a true princess can't sleep if there's a pea in the bed - she's supposed to be too delicate and dainty. But this is the true story of the princess and the pea. Join Princess Elsie as she stuffs her face with bangers, struggles with killer sheep and generally astonishes the prince and his family.

Cambridge Independent Reading A

The Proper Princess Test play

The Proper Princess Test turned into a play!

Cambridge Independent Reading A

Towerblock Blowdown

Peter isn't sure he likes Chelsea. She not only claims she's a ghost, but she boasts she's good at football too! Even so, Peter feels he has to rescue her football medal she's left in her towerblock home before it's blown up. Will he get out in time?

Cambridge Independent Reading B

Jane Blond Schoolgirl Superspy

The name's Blond, Jane Blond, on a top secret mission to find the stolen sweets of Snifton. Can she cut the custard as a school dinner lady? Will her powerful wooden spoon, and her amazing two-way radio, Whiz Kit, save the day? This story will self-destruct in 10 seconds...

Heinemann Literacy World Comets Stage 1



Lia Vine lives in the treetops with the Skylers. Her people keep well away from their enemies the Rootles who live on the ground. But the trees are dying. Somehow she has to save their world - and that means going down into the dangerous land of the Rootles! Will Lia be able to save the forest from disaster?

Heinemann Literacy World Comets Stage 2

Cinderella: The Real Story

Forget all the stories you’ve read about good, kind Cinderella. D.I. Whiskers and P.C. Scratch present you with their extraordinary case files which tell the REAL story. Voted second most popular online book in the Booktrust Read For Your School competition.

Pearson BUG CLUB The Real Story: Red (KS2)

The Secondhand Sneakers

We wrote this Rigby Star story for the American market. Hannah always gets the hand-me-downs. And she hates it. When she is given a pair of secondhand sneakers it's the last straw!