Part of the Rapid Reading series, created to help children catch up and for SEN readers. A mixture of fiction and non fiction makes for a fun read!

Beyond the stars

Jack on Planet Spot - Jack zooms of to Planet Spot in his spaceship. He discovers that there are aliens on Planet Spot and they are hungry!
The Planets - There are nine planets that go round our Sun. All of them are very different to Planet Earth. Find out some weird things about the planets!
Rapid Stage 3 Set A: SERIES 1

Under the sea

Jack and the wreck - Jack wants to see a wreck so he goes exploring under the sea. But he soon discovers that he is not alone.
Funny, Weird and Scary - What sort of dragon lives in the deep dark sea? What sort of fish has a light on its head? Only the funny, weird and scary ones!
Rapid Stage 3 Set A: (Series 1)

Huge and hairy

Jack and the mountain - When Jack climbs a very big mountain, he discovers some very big footprints. But who could have made them?
Bigfoot - People say that Bigfoot look like huge, hairy apes. Would you be scared if you saw one? Or do you think it would be scared of you?
Rapid Stage 3 Set A SERIES 1)

Savage Beasts

Jack in Africa - Jack wants to see some fierce animals, so he goes to Africa. One night, he sees something very big and very fierce.
Fierce Animals - There are many fierce animals in the world that can kill humans. But one creature kills more people than any other. Can you guess what it is?
Rapid Set 3A (series 1)

Fearless and Foolish

A linking book for stage 3A. We have written one of the two stories.
Jack's Dream - Jack dreams of all the exciting adventures he has had with his backpack. In his dreams he is a hero, but do you believe he is really so brave?
The treasure tree was written by Hadyn Middleton.
Rapid Stage 3: Assessment Book (Series 1)

Lift off

Rocket to the stars - When a supply teacher, Sputnik, comes into class, Harry and his friends know they're going to have fun! But things get a little scary.
Zero Gravity - What's it like being an astronaut? You'll have to learn to float in zero gravity, wash without water and be careful when eating! Exciting!
Rapid Stage 4 Set A (Series 2)

What's cooking?

Extreme Food - Food is just for eating - right? Wrong! Some people build with it, some make pictures, and some throw it! Read about some of the strange things people do with food.
Beans for the Queen - When a supply teacher, Chef, comes into class, Harry and his friends think they're in for a feast! But Chef has other plans for the class.
Rapid Stage 4 Set A (Series 2)

Pirate trouble

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean - A long time ago, pirates in the Caribbean blew up your ship, robbed your treasure, and made you walk the plank! Read about some famous pirates with fierce names.
Yo Ho Ho! - When a supply teacher, Peg Leg Pam, comes into class, Harry and his friends think they're going on a trip to the seaside. But Peg Leg Pam has other ideas.
Rapid Stage 4 Set A8 (Series 2)

Final Score

Goal! - When a supply teacher, Mr Best, comes into class carrying a football, Harry and his friends can't believe their luck. But the day gets even better.
Football Academy - What is your biggest football dream? Is it to play for a top club? Read about how Lee joined a Football Academy and was signed up for a big club.
Rapid Stage 4 Set A (Series 2)

It's a Mystery

The Case of the Missing Teacher - When his teacher goes missing at lunch time, Sami Search is on the case. But where can she be? Sami has spotted a clue.
Strange Mysteries - Not everything that happens can be explained. Some mysteries have puzzled people for hundreds of years! Find out about mysterious places, strange disappearances and more!
Rapid Stage 4 Set B (Series 2)

Take Two

Madame Tussaud's Waxworks - Millions of people visit wax museums to see life-size models of famous people. Find out about Madame Tussaud, the woman who started it all.
The Case of the Dummies - Sami has spotted something very strange. A man seems to be taking bodies from the back of a van! What is going on? Sami Search is on the case.
Rapid Stage 4 Set B (Series 2)


Behind the scenes - Lots of people want to be film stars, but the people behind the scenes are just as important. Read about scary stunts, special effects and hobbit feet!
The Case of the Jewel Robber - There is a jewel robber on the loose, and Sami Search is on the case. Sami thinks he knows who the robber is... now he just has to catch him.
Rapid Stage 4 Set B (Series 2)

Pet Alert

The Case of the Petnapper - What are those strange boxes in the neighbour's garden? And where is Sami's cat Fluffy? Sami Search is on the case!
Wacky Animals - Sometimes animals can do very unusual things. From dogs on wheels to monkeys on skis, read about some wacky animals and their tricks.
Rapid Stage 4 Set B (Series 2)

Problem solved

Assessment book Series 2 Stage 4
Too Much Fun - When a supply teacher, Mr Boring, comes into class carrying lots of books, Harry and his friends don't think that they will have much fun - or will they?
The Case of the Missing Bike - When Sami can't find his bike, he makes a Bike Tracker, and sets off for the High Street. He looks in lots of places, but where is his bike?

Jungle Quest

The Mystery of the Kalonoro - Carla, Rob and their dad are in the Madagascan jungle. When their tools start to disappear, Rob decides to set a trap. Is the thief a mysterious Kalonoro - or someone else?
Myths of Madagascar - On Madagascar you will find Tomato Frogs, Assassin Spiders, Panther Chameleons and lots of lemurs! Even more strange are the creatures in the 'myths of Madagascar'!
Rapid Stage 6 Set A (Series 2)

Legends of Stonehenge

Building Stonehenge - Have you been to Stonehenge? No one knows for sure how the stones got there, but there are many legends. Read about them and decide if any are true!
The Face on the Stone - Carla, Rob and their dad are at Stonehenge. When an eclipse of the sun creates a spooky feeling, they wonder if the stories about Merlin the Magician are true.
Rapid Stage 6 Set A (Series 2)

Lost Cities

The Lost City of Pompeii - 2000 years algo, a volcano called Vesuvius suddenly erupted and destroyed the city of Pompeii in Italy. Lots of people were killed. Read about what happened on that terrible day.
In Search of Atlantis - Carla, Rob and their dad are looking for the underwater city of Atlantis. Every time they dive, things happen. Then, one day, they find some ruins. Have they found Atlantis?
Rapid Stage 6 Set A (Series 2)

Fire in the Sky

Northern Lights - Carla, Rob and their dad are in Greenland. When they see the Northern Lights, Carla decides to test one of the legends. She whistles at the Lights - and gets the shock of her life!
Spooks and Sparks - What are the Northern Lights, and what makes them appear in the night sky? Legends say it's all down to ghosts and dragons - but the truth is less of a mystery!
Rapid Stage 6 Set A (Series 2)

Reality Check

Assessement book series 2 stage 6
In Search of the Labyrinth - Carla and Rob are with their archaeologist dad, looking for the underground Labyrinth. When they find a dark tunnel, Rob can't wait to explore.
Kid Big Brother - written by Hadyn Middleton.