Project X



    We're enjoying every moment of being involved in this exciting reading scheme. The fantastic illustrations are by Jonatronix. Have fun with Team X!


A New Home

Meg's family live in a shoe. But it's getting too small and Meg has so many children that it's not easy to find a new one!

Origins Band 1 Pink, Oxford Level 1+

Snow Spoons

Max, Ant, Cat and Tiger have micro fun in the snow.

Origins Band 3 Yellow, Oxford Level 3

Stop Pot Stop

Jack's gran has a special pot that makes popcorn if she says the right words. But when Jack gets hold of it, things start to go wrong!

Origins Band 3 Yellow, Oxford Level 3

Ant's Bug Adventure

When Ant crawls inside a log to check out the bugs he gets a BIG surprise!

Origins Band 4 Light Blue, Oxford level 4

The Play Park

Max and Tiger make a micro play park. But Tiger is in for a surprise!

Origins Band 4 Light Blue, Oxford Level 4

Tiger's Drum Kit

Tiger's family are getting fed up with him playing his drums so loudly. Can Tiger find a place to play where no one will hear him?

Origins Band 5 Green, Oxford Level 5

Where's Woody?

Woody the stick insect has escaped... and he's grown bigger and bigger. Will the children be able to catch him before their teacher sees what's happened?

Origins Band 7 Turquoise, Oxford Level 7

Attack of the Centipede

Tiger shrinks to micro-size to explore a wormery. But a giant centipede is on the loose. Will Tiger escape?

Origins Band 8 Purple, Oxford Level 8

Escape of the Giant Chicken

Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger visit the city farm. But when Ant's watch goes wrong, they soon find they have a giant problem on their hands!

Origins Band 8 Purple, Oxford Level 8


Max and Tiger are at the beach. Find out what happens when they shrink to explore a sandcastle.

Origins Band 8 Purple, Oxford Level 8

Air Scare

Tiger enters his model plane, The Whizzer, in a flying contest. Little does he know that Lucy plans to knock him off course with her plane... Air Shark!

Origins Band 12 Brown, Oxford Level 11

Ant Meets the Queen

Ant's curiosity gets him into trouble when he gets too close to an ants' nest. He is carried away... to meet the queen!

Origins Band 11 Lime, Oxford Level 11


Team X go into the Amazon Rainforest to investigate the disappearance of the tambaqui fish. But they are served a double helping of adventure when they find a restaurant deep in the forest, and meet the chef, Mortimer Scoffer.

Origins Band 14 Dark Blue, Oxford Level 15


Team X are sent to find out why a Canadian forest is dying. Their investigations lead them underground, where they come face-to-face with a fearsome creature. Will it help them solve the mystery?

Origins Band 4 Dark Blue, Oxford Level 16


Can Team X stop the collector wreaking havoc and save Mount Vesuvius?

Origins Band 15 Dark Red, Oxford Level 17

Cat's Painting

Cat is painting a picture at school. Nok wants to help but will he make it any better or will he just make a mess?

Alien Adventures Book Band 4 Light Blue A, Oxford Level 4

It's Too Hot!

Ant, Tiger and Nok are playing in the garden when Nok begins to feel hot. How can a micro-alien cool down?

Alien Adventures Book Band Light Blue A, Oxford Level 4


Cat, Ant and Nok are exploring rock pools at the beach. Find out what happens when Ant's watch goes wrong.

Alien Adventures Book Band 5 Green A, Oxford Level 5

Nok's Lunch

Cat and Nok are having lunch in a restaurant. Nok is keen to try out the delicious food, but there is an adventure in store for the micro-alien.

Alien Adentures Book Band 5 Green C, Oxford Level 5


Team X and Nok have a problem. Their ship has flown close to a wormhole and has been damaged. Can Max and Tiger repair the ship before it's swallowed by the wormhole?

Alien Adventures Book Band 6 Orange C, Oxford Level 6

The Junk Cruncher

The spaceship Excelsa is swallowed by a junk cruncher. Can the friends find a way to escape before they are squashed flat by the metal pounders?

Alien Adventures Book Band 6 Orange C, Oxford Level 6


Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger play an exciting game of hide-and-seek.

Phonics Book Band 2 Red, Oxford Stage 2

The Rocket

Cat and Ant have a micro adventure in a rocket - until a giant bug come after them!

Phonics Book Band 2 Red Stage 2