lucy girls headThe Tale of Lucy May - a True Story


This is the tale of Lucy May

Who had a tea set on a tray.

When Nan and Grandad came around

Young Lucy brought her tea set down.


She walked in proudly through the door

And laid it out upon the floor.

She asked them "Who would like some tea?"

And everybody answered, "Me!"


Pretending it was nice and hot

She poured the water from the pot.

All the grown-ups took a cup

And with a smile they drank it up.


Then poor old Nan began to fret.

"Where did you get the water, pet?

Did you climb up to the tap?

It's rather high. I don't like that!"


Now Lucy, only three years old,

Who always did as she was told

Said, "Course I didn't, silly Nan.

I got it from the toilet pan!"


Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler


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