swAhoy, shipmates! Just imagine you could travel back in time to meet a fearsome band of pirates and go on adventures with them. That's just what happens to Sam Silver when he finds an old bottle washed up by the sea. . .

'All at once his bedroom walls began to spin. Sam tried to grab hold of his bed but he was lifted off his feet...'


The exciting illustrations are by Leo Hartas.


Book 9, THE SEA MONSTER, won the Bulgarian Best Children's Book Award in the "Dreamers" category.



'This book is great! My 7 year old loved reading it! He loved it enough to keep reading it, even though it was above his reading level some. At first a page took like 10-15 mins to read. Because he loves the story he kept at it and now he reads multiple pages in the same amount of time. Really helped him excel because the book really kept his interest.' Skeleton Island by an Amazon reviewer

' narrative and plenty of swashbuckling action...'  Parents in Touch

' . . . will get even the most reluctant reader reading!'    LoveReading4kids




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Book 1 Skeleton Island

Sam Silver finds a gold doubloon which whisks him back in time to 1706. Suddenly he's on board a pirate ship - the Sea Wolf - with her fearsome captain and crew and sailing the Caribbean Sea. If Sam can't think of a very good reason why they should keep him alive, he'll be thrown over the side for the sharks to feast on!

Book 2 The Ghost Ship

When Sam Silver and the crew of the Sea Wolf board a galleon looking for Spanish gold, they find it's already been stolen - by a ghost ship! Can our pirate heroes outwit a ghostly crew or is the treasure gone for ever?

Book 3 Kidnapped

A fearsome encounter with enemy ships leads to a huge sea battle. When the smoke clears, Sam realises Charlie has vanished. Could his crewmate have been kidnapped? It's Sam Silver to the rescue!

Book 4 The Deadly Trap

There is a popular new member of the crew on board the Sea Wolf - but can he be trusted?

Book 5 Dragon Fire

When the Sea Wolf is forced to stop at Dragon Island for repairs, Sam can't wait to meet the island's legendary dragon. But will Sam's curiosity lead him to a fiery end?

Book 6 The Double Cross

Captain Blade's old enemy, Blackheart, is out for revenge. With his ruthless crew he's determined to steal the Sea Wolf. Can Sam and the pirates outwit their deadly enemy?

Book 7 The Great Rescue

When the Sea Wolf moors at a quiet island to make repairs, they are surprised to find the native people in need of help! They've been attacked and are now being held prisoner. The chief's son has managed to escape and now it's up to the Sea Wolf crew - and all Sam Silver's cunning - to help him take his village back.

Book 8 The Treasure Map

When Harry Hopp wins an ancient treasure map in a card game, he is angry to find that the treasure lies at the heart of a famous cave complex. The treasure is legendary - and so is the fact that all those who seek it get lost in the labyrinth! Sam is convinced that he can lead the crew to the treasure, but if he's wrong they could be doomed to wander the caves for ever.

Book 9 The Sea Monster

The Sea Wolf pirates encounter a tattered galleon adrift on the Caribbean Sea. When they board, they find only one crew member left - and he explains that his ship was attacked by a giant sea monster! The monster suddenly appears and attacks the Sea Wolf! Is this the end for Sam and his pirate crew?

Book 10 Dead Man's Hand

Sam finds the crew of the Sea Wolf sharing out a new haul of treasure! Amidst the gold and jewels, Sam discovers a gruesome skeletal hand clutching an ancient relic. It doesn't look important, but could it lead to greater riches? Sam is determined to find out but others are also on the trail. Can he outwit their enemies and find the treasure?