Our books abroad

Some of our books have been translated into other languages. Here is a selection.

La carica del triceratopo - The Charge of the Three Horned monster

This was very exciting for us as not only was our book out in Italy - but we are also learning Italian and can use this for practice!

Die Gargoylz Unverhofft kommt oft - Gargoylz on the loose

Here is our first gargoylz book translated into German. Das ist gut!

De Stormloop van de Triceratopsen - The charge of the three horned monsters

Here is one of our Dinosaur Cove books from the Netherlands and Belgium. Jamie is called Jaspar here and Wanna becomes Wanno but Tom remains Tom.

Edmontosaurier in Gefahr - Stampede of the Giant Reptiles

Here is the sixth book of the series in German. Jamie and Tom turn up as Jan and Tim but Wanna is still Wanna!

Sur les traces du predateur - Escape from the fierce predator

Jamie and Tom are known as Theo and Quentin in France but they still come face to face with an allosaur!

Plavanje z morsko posastjo - Swimming with the sea monster

In Slovenia we have Jani, Tomi and Vane meeting the giant liopleurodon

Midnight Library Japanese Style

Here is our book of horror stories - the Midnight Library but translated into Japanese. The script goes down the page instead of across and the book opens at the back and finishes at the front. This is perfectly normal in Japan.

Poacher Peril

Ben and Zoe feature on the Wild Rescue covers in New Zealand.

A Investida do Monstro Tricorne - Charge of the Three-Horned Monster

In this Portugese Dinosaur Cove translation, Jamie, Tom and Wanna keep their same names and a triceratops charges off with them on a wild ride.

Hector el Espectro - Hector the Spectre

Five of our Little Terrors books were translated into Spanish.

La Princesse au Rubis - Exile

All of the Lady Grace Mysteries have been translated into French. They have been given elegant hardcovers, made to look like Lady Grace's daybooke.

Japanese Flight of the Winged Serpent

This Japanese version of our Dinosaur Cove story has a completely different cover and illustrations - but as you can see, they're just as exciting.