Little Terrors

George Brussell is delighted to find that his new home is haunted - at least the caravan in the garden is. The spectres of Little Frightley Manor are too terrified to haunt their ancestral home. That doesn't stop some very nasty apparitions from turning up!

Hector the Spectre

George thinks Little Frightley Manor will be a boring place to live - unitl he discovers its funny, friendly ghosts. But the Little Terrors are faint with fright. Their ancient ancestor, hideous Hector Plasm, has said he will return one day.

And now that day has come!

Eerie McLeery

The Little Terrors have a brilliant idea. They'll go to school with George and become school-ghouls for the day. But something sinister stirs in the old classroom. The ghosts of menacing Miss McLeery and her crafty cane, Thwacker, are on the prowl.

And they're going to take over the school!

Bones and Groans

The Little Terrors shiver with shock when George discovers a scary old Egyptian sarcophagus. Out of the coffin comes the ghost of young King Tootingkommon. But poor Toot has lost his family.

Can George and the little spooks help the boy-king find his mummy?

Knight Frights

George and the Little Terrors are dead chuffed when they discover armour-clad spook Sir Arnold de Ghoulstone, walled up in the cellar. But George's welcome party for Sir Arnold's old soldiers goes horribly wrong.

Not only are the ghost-guests monstrously mangled - they also have murder on their minds!

Vampire for Hire

The Little Terrors' new friend Victor has a problem - he's a vampire who can't stand the sight of blood! Victor's fearsome fangs may be harmless, but they soon get a taste for trouble.

Especially when George's mum insists on a trip to the dentist...

Ghost in the Post

George gets a shivery shock when the postman delivers a surprise letter. Out of the envelope floats Belinda, a frosty Victorian phantom. Chilly Belinda soon starts to turn Little Frightley Manor into a giant igloo.

But when the Little Terrors upset her, they discover they are skating on very thin ice!

Shiver and Deliver

George and the Little Terrors are delighted when Rick Turnip, a handsome highwayman, turns up - with his spectral sidekick, Betty. Thick Rick is determined to find his long-lost loot.

But his arrival has disturbed a very scary spook - a rival who is out for revenge!

Gruesome Twosome

SCREAM (Spectral Company Regulating Apparitions in Mansions) has two scary clients - sinister skeletons Weird and Feared - ready to take over Little Frightley Manor. If the Little Terrors can't pass a special spooking test, they must leave!

Can the ghosts prove that they are high-grade haunters - before it's too late?

Scare Fair

George can't wait to visit the splendidly spooky Ghost House at the Little Frightley village show. But Horace and Hilda Haunter, the resident Ghost House ghouls, are no fake phantoms - they are horribly real. And now they need a son and heir.

Could George be the boy they are looking for?

Creep from the Deep

George is looking forward to splashing around in his mum's brand new jacuzzi. It's full of water from a real Norwegian fjord! But when Derric the Dead, a vicious Viking ghost, whirls up from the depths, George and the Little Terrors find themselves in deep water.

Deadly Derric decides that they'll make perfect slaves...

Phantom Fun

Featuring the first three stories in the series: -

Hector the Spectre

Eerie McCleery

Bones and Groans