Little Dolphin




It was great to be Lucy Daniels for this series. We are very fond of Little Dolphin and his friends. The charming illustrations are by David Melling.

Hattie's New House

Hattie the hermit crab has been tricked out of her old shell by Vinnie the shark - and she's got nowhere to live! But Little Dolphin soon comes splashing to Hattie's rescue. And together they teach Vinnie a lesson!

Party Time Poppy

Poppy the spinner dolphin is in a tizz! She thinks her friends have forgotten her birthday. Little Dolphin and Milo have a secret - they're planning a surprise party for her. But now Poppy has run away!

Milo's Big Mistake

Milo gets stuck in the old wreck while playing hide and seek. And there's a storm on the way! Little Dolphin rushes off to fetch help - and Cornelius, the grumpy old eel, is his only hope!

Oscar's Best Friends

Oscar the octopus has come back from his holiday. He's brought his new friends Smudge and Blot with him. But he doesn't seem to have time to play with Little Dolphin any more.

Fergal's flippers

Vinnie the shark is causing trouble again. It's time for the Great Underwater Race and he will do anything to win - even cheat! With a little help from Fergal the turtle, Little Dolphin plans to stop the sneaky shark... and save the race!

Sammy's Secret

Milo's mum has lost her favourite necklace! Little Dolphin thinks Sammy the naughty seahorse may have taken it. He and his friends look for Sammy in the old wreck - and make an exciting discovery.