The Lady Grace Mysteries

Lady Grace Cavendish is one of Queen Elizabeth's Maids of Honour. But she also has a secret and dangerous job as her Lady Pursuivant - a personal detective!


"A gripping historical thriller" (Sunday Times)

"The book truly catches the feel of the royal court and the unpredictable plot leads the reader on many wild goose chases" (The Times)

"A wealth of historic detail" (INIS (Children's Books Ireland))

"The personal narrative, written with great attention to the details of Court life, is a fascinating and exciting read." (Sunday Tribune (Dublin))

"The reader is quickly drawn into the intrigue and chilling atmosphere of court life." (Primary Times: Hampshire)



The river Thames has frozen over and Lady Grace can't wait to skate down to the Frost Fair. But there is a terrible discovery when the body of a man is found on the ice. Why was he killed? What is the meaning of the silver coins placed over his eyes? Are they a message - or a warning? Lady Grace must uncover the truth.


There's a new arrival at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. Banoo Yasmine has a pet panther and the Heart of King's ruby. But when the famed jewel goes missing, Ellie the laundrymaid is accused of the theft. Can Grace save her friend and solve the mystery?


Preparations for a wedding at Court are interrupted when a shipment of gold is stolen! Is the culprit a masked horseman? Or is it a gang of ruffians from the forest? The mysterious clues point in different directions. Will Grace, Queen Elizabeth's secret Lady Pursuivant, be able to recover the fortune and find the thief?


The Queen and her Maids of Honour are spending the summer at a nobleman's estate where a new manor house is being built. But the work has to stop when a spooky figure appears. Could the ghost of a murdered Earl be haunting the site of his own death? Grace investigates and finds that uncovering the truth can be dangerous.


A new play, Intrigue, is about to open in London. The play includes a very convincing death scene, and Queen Elizabeth I is desperate to see it before the rest of her subjects. But when the Queen and her Court go to watch, it turns out to be more realistic than they first thought. A new murder mystery for Lady Grace to solve.


The Court visits the famous St Bartholomew's Fair and all the fortune-tellers and potion-sellers cause great excitement. But the outing ends in tragedy when a fire leaves Lady Sarah injured and a gypsy woman apparently dead. Was the fire started on purpose? And can Lady Grace unravel the rumours and get to the bottom of this story?


When the Queen's clockmaker is found dead in his workshop - a dagger in his chest and a key clutched in his hand - whispers fly through the Court. Who could have wanted him dead? And what does the mysterious key open? Lady Grace must find the answers.


Exotic visitors have come from all over Europe to see the monarch wear her famous Crown jewels. But the crown of St Edward is stolen from inside a guarded room. The thief must be amongst them in the palace . . . Can Grace figure out their identity before it's too late?