We loved writing about Max and Ben, and their naughty gargoyle friends who cause mischief and mayhem wherever they go. The wonderful illustrations are by Leighton Noyes.

Gargoylz Make Some Noise

Gargoylz: Make Some Noise/S.W.I.T.C.H.: Bug Battle - 2011 World Book Day Flip Book -

Max and Ben are off to meet their favourite author. But when he doesn't turn up it looks like they're going to be stuck listening to Lily Twinkletoes instead. Double Yuck! Can the boys get out of a fate worse than death?

Gargoylz: Wild in the Woods

Max and Ben are off for an awesome adventure. They are going camping in the woods with their Gargoyle friendz. But Barry the Basher is being his usual bullying self. Can the Gargoylz sort the Basher out?

Gargoylz: Mess at the Mill

Max and Ben are sent off to stay with a wrinkly old uncle for the weekend. The boys are dreading it, so they're super relieved when their naughty gargoyle friends tag along for the ride. But things turn out to be much more fun than they thought. Uncle Bill lives right by an old mill where there's lots of fun - and spooky tricks to be played.

Gargoylz Triple Trouble

Gargoylz on the loose
Gargoylz get up to Mischief
Gargoylz at a Midnight Feast

The first three books all in one bumper edition!

Gargoylz go to a Party

Max and Ben need a plan of escape! Max's parents are planning a princess party for his sister's birthday. It's going to be pink! It's going to be horrible! Luckily, the Gargoylz are coming to the rescue with disguises, tricks and a whole heap of mischief!

Gargoylz make a Splash

A birthday party at Pirate Reef Water Park means oceans of watery fun for Max and Ben - especially when there's a pirate ship, water slides galore and mischievous Gargoylz to make a splash with.

Gargoylz Magic at the Museum

Max and Ben smuggle their Gargoyle friends along on a sleepover at the Museum of Space and Time. The Gargoylz are soon up to mischief, playing with the dinosaurs, riding a rocket to the moon and finding a cool new friend!

Gargoylz Ride to the Rescue

Max, Ben and the Gargoylz are visiting a castle and they plan to search the dungeons, see knights in armour and race around the battlements. But what happens when they make some new friends who don't want them to leave?

Gargoylz Make a Movie

Max has got his hands on a video camera and he and Ben decide to make their very own movie - with the Gargoylz in starring roles, of course! But will bully Barry the Basher spoil the show, or can the boys outwit him with the help of the Gargoylz and a super-cunning secret plan?

Gargoylz on the Go

It's half-term and Max and Ben need a hobby, but the Gargoylz don't want to be left out. Soon the boys are up to all sorts of mischief - kayaking, go-karting and outwitting Enemy Agents at every turn. It's all in a day's work for top superspies like Max and Ben - with a little help from their Gargoyle friends!

Gargoylz Summer Fun

It's time for the summer fete and the Gargoylz are eager to join in. They're soon busy helping with the Hoopla, tumbling in the Tombola and lurking in the Lucky Dip! Suddenly things are a whole lot more exciting than Max and Ben had planned!

Gargoylz Save Christmas

There's a disaster at the North Pole! Santa's elves are all too ill to work on Christmas Eve - the busiest day of the year! Luckily there's a special reindeer Gargoyle who lives on Santa's sleigh - and he knows just who to call for help... Soon Max, Ben and the Gargoylz are on a top-secret mission to save Christmas!

Gargoylz Spring Mayhem

Join Max, Ben and all their favourite Gargoyle friends, on ten of their funniest - and naughtiest! - adventures, in this mischief-filled bumper book of springtime mayhem!

Gargoylz on the Loose

Max Black and Ben Neal go to Oldacre Primary School. Their school isn't like any other, though, because there are monsters living on the church next door! They're called Gargoylz and they are super sneaky, super naughty and have super powers too! (Well, OK, maybe not super powers exactly, but definitely powers!)

Gargoylz get up to mischief

The Gargoylz are causing more mischief at Oldacre Primary School - and at Max's house too! It's madness and mayhem all the way as Toby gets mistaken for a garden gnome and Max discovers the wonders of soapy water, worms and even washing up!

Gargoylz: Midnight Feast

Max and Ben are planning a midnight feast! But will their gargoyle guests make it to the party? Will there be enough cookies to go round? And can the boys outwit Ben's older sister before she discovers the secret of the Gargoylz?

Gargoylz Take a Trip

Max and Ben are looking forward to fun, sea and sand on a school trip to the beach. But the Gargoylz are determined to go too, which means more tricks, more pranks and double trouble - now the boys can't wait!

Gargoylz Put on a Show

Max and Ben are in the school play, and the Gargoylz are very excited. But will Ben remember his lines? Will the wolf costume be fierce enough? And what happens when the Gargoylz decide they want starring roles too?

Gargoylz have Fun at the Fair

The fair is in town and Max, Ben and the Gargoylz can't wait to ride the ghost train, zoom along on the dodgems and zip down the helter-skelter. But Barney gets trapped! Can the boys save their friend and outwit the tricky Enemy Agents, too?