Fiction Express


Fiction Express is an exciting new concept for school students. At the end of each online chapter the readers decide what happens next. Sometimes the finished product is made into a printed book.


A print book. Sam and Kate are servants in Nottingham Castle. One day they overhear the Sheriff of Nottingham's evil plan to ambush Robin Hood. They must warn Robin! But how can they sneak out of the castle? Will they even be able to find the outlaw in the dark and mysterious Sherwood Forest?

Florek's Flea

An e-book.
Florek is a wonderful actor but he can’t sing for toffee. He wants the lead part in the school show. Could a singing flea be the answer?


An e-book.  Can Robin Hood, Kate and Sam rescue the stolen sheep from the Sheriff of Nottingham before he gives them away to bad King John?

Samuel Squeaks' Diary

An e-book. In this gripping tale set in London in 1666, we follow the adventures of Mr Samuel Squeaks: a not-so-ordinary London mouse. He might look like your average rodent (and certainly has a soft spot for cheese). But, like Samuel Pepys, he also enjoys keeping a diary with exciting details of his daily escapades. When a blazing fire breaks out in London, he is thrown into the midst of a dangerous mission. Can Samuel escape the flickering flames, hungry cats and rescue all that is dear to him before it’s too late?

Frankie Stein's Monster

Frankie Stein's parents are scared of everything. So when the family end up going on holiday to a creepy old house, Frankie's parents are desperate to go home. But Frankie is brave and she is determined to stay at the house, and keep the monster that lurks there safe. Someone is after him! An E book.