Dinosaur Cove

Tom stepped into the first clover-shaped indent in the cave floor. "Here goes!" He placed his foot carefully into each footprint, walking in the dinosaur tracks. Jamie stuck close behind him and counted every step. "One...two...three...four...FIVE!" In an instant, the cold damp cave was gone and Jamie and Tom were back in Dino World' - a land of living dinosaurs.


What every dinosaur-mad child has been waiting for - a young fiction series that really knows its Tyrannosaurus from its Triceratops.  Guardian

The charge of the three horned monster

Jamie and Tom have returned to their secret world of dinosaurs and can't wait to explore. But when a herd of triceraptops heads their way, it looks as if the boys are going to get squashed. There's only one thing for it - hitch a ride on a dino's back!

Flight of the winged serpent

In their secret dinosaur world, Jamie and Tom are looking for the quetzalcoatlus - the biggest of all the flying reptiles. But it's a race against time when the huge pterosaur mistakes their friend, Wanna, for its chick and flies away with him. Can Jamie and Tom save their dino pal?

Stampede of the giant reptiles

Jamie and Tom's dinosaur world is strangely quiet and they soon discover why. A meteor is heading straight for it. Boom! As a frightened herd of edmontosaurs stampedes towards the edge of a giant crater, the boys have to stop them falling to their deaths.

Swimming with the sea monster

In three exciting adventures Jamie and Tom meet an amazing stegosaurus, a seriously fed up diplodocus, and while snorkelling in the Jurassic ocean, they also come across one creature they did not want to meet . . . a deadly plesiosaur, and it's heading their way!

Escape from the fierce predator

In three epic adventures The boys have to help a poorly apatosaurus, come under attack from a pesky compsognathus (and its mates!), and make a BIG mistake when they wake up a sleeping allosaurus. Guess what? It's not happy . .

Assault of the friendly fiends

When Jamie and Tom spot the compsagnathus on the mountainside they think the little creatures are cute. But they soon realise these pesky carnivores aren't as sweet as they look. Worse still, as the boys race to get away, the mountain begins to shake. It's a volcano and it's about to blow!

Chasing the tunnelling trickster

Jamie and Tom have travelled back to the dawn of the dinosaurs - the Triassic. When a lystrosaurus snatches Jamie's backpack, the boys think it's funny - but when it disappears down a hole and the boys realize they might not be able to get home, things take a serious turn for the worse.

Haunting of the ghost runners

As darkness falls in Dino World, Tom and Jamie begin to get spooked. And when some noisy Triassic frogs start up their mating call, it makes them jump! Then, through the swirling mist the boys see a ghostly figure in the trees. It's a sharp-toothed coelophysis, and it's not alone.

Snatched by the Dawn Thief

Jamie and Tom go to Dino World to watch the Triassic sunrise. Above the noise of the dawn chorus, one sound is louder than anything else so the boys and their dino friend, Wanna, decide to investigate. The eohraptors that they find take a shine to Wanna and they lure him away. When Jamie and Tom catch up with Wanna on the clifftop, they realize an enormous tidal wave is heading their way!

Shadowing the Wolf-faced Reptiles

Jamie, Tom and Wanna have gone to the Permian. When a pack of wolf-like lycaenops races past, the friends decide they should keep clear of these carnivores. But when the creatures collapse to the ground, the boys realize the lycaenops are starving and won't survive much longer. But how do you herd a pack of carnivores to a tasty meal without turning into the meal yourself?

Taming the Battling Brutes

Jamie and Tom meet two enormous plant eating giants. But when they spot each other they turn from gentle to ferocious. It's up to the boys to stop the battle before the beasts get hurt.

Hunted by The Insect Army

Everything is bigger in the Permian Era including the insects. They are hungry and it looks as if Jamie, Tom and Wanna are on the menu!

Lost in the Jurassic

Jamie, Tom and Wanna are back in the Jurassic when disaster strikes! A pair of pterosaurs swoop down and grab Tom in their claws! How are Jamie and Wanna ever going to find him, especially now there's a pack of megalosaurs on the prowl? And will Tom ever see his friends again?

The Big Adventure

The first three Dinosaur Cove adventures in one roaring book. Jane Clarke wrote stories 1 and 3 and we wrote number 2. Also available in paperback but without the roar!

The Awesome Adventure

Three books in one!