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The Dungeons!
Monday 02 July 2018

Chapter Four of Prisoner is live and Robin Hood has been thrown in the dungeons by the Sheriff of Nottingham. He's going to be executed! Can Kate and Sam rescue him?

Friar Tuck
Friday 22 June 2018

Chapter Three of Prisoner is live! Why did Friar Tuck cry out? All is revealed.


No one knows who Friar Tuck was but some stories say he was a monk who was thrown out of his monastery for eating and drinking too much! In the legends Friar Tuck first meets Robin Hood in the woods where they try to trick each other. The loser has to carry the winner across a river. Robin wins but Friar Tuck tosses him into the river! 


Who is the mysterious stranger?
Friday 15 June 2018

Chapter two of Prisoner is live. Revealed - the identity of the mysterious stranger!


Robin Hood!
Wednesday 06 June 2018

The first chapter of 'Prisoner' is live! Is your school signed up to Fiction Express?