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Skype Session - Spy Master
Friday 29 March 2019

Year Six at William Stockton Primary School were simply brilliant today discussing First Blood. It was a joy to hear how much they'd enjoyed the story, and their questions and ideas were very thoughtful and challenging. They're even designing their own covers for the book. They are a real credit to their teachers.

World Book Day!
Wednesday 06 March 2019

We love World Book Day. This year we are celebrating it with pupils in Hertfordshire and in Islington. 

Skype Visit
Monday 11 February 2019

We linked up with a school in Tamworth and talked to the wonderful Year 2s. They've been reading Skeleton Island and writing their own Sam Silver adventures. They had some brilliant questions for us and we're really hoping they'll send us some of their Kraken stories to read.

The north wind doth blow!
Tuesday 22 January 2019

Let's hope for some happy snow days! Then we can curl up indoors and read a book. Or get outside and make an icy pirate crew. It could be the start of a new adventure for Sam Silver Undercover Pirate.