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Author visit to Orchard Academy
Tuesday 10 March 2020

World Book Day!

We travelled to the Moon with years 3 and 4 and talked about spies with years 5 and 6. We also saw their amazing library.

Thank you, Mrs McCulloch-Keeble and all the pupils and staff for making us so welcome.

How many stories have we written? The pupils helped us count to 198!


World Book Day
Tuesday 25 February 2020








We are very  much looking forward to visiting a school in Milton Keynes on World Book Day. We'll be talking about the fun that we have writing stories.


Talking about Fiction Express
Tuesday 18 February 2020

We had a great time at the Bett show at Excel talking about the amazing, award winning Fiction Express. Can't wait to start our next story on 6th March.


Skype Pirates
Thursday 23 January 2020

We're looking forward to making a return skype visit with Birchwood Primary on Wednesday. Buckling our swashes with all the young pirates there.